House Backup Generators & Standby Generators

What Is A Backup Generator  

A backup generator, sometimes called a standby generator, is a type of emergency power supplyBackup generators are able to detect the loss of power during a power outage, and automatically transfer power to the electrical circuits of your house.  

Why Do I Need A Backup Generator?

Power outages are commonplace, especially in more rural communities. Storms can easily damage powerlines, resulting in power outages. If you don’t have a backup generator, you could be without power for many days. Everything relies on power, from hot water to refrigeration. Without a backup generator, you will have some serious headaches 

Can A Backup Generator Power A Whole House?

Whole house generators are designed to power entire houses. Whole house generators can last from 8 hours to several days depending on the type of backup generator you install and the number of appliances it needs to power.  

Why Have An Electrician Install A Standby Generator? 

It’s important to know which model of generator to install, as this will determine both the amount of time it can last and the amount of power it can output. The electrical circuit needs to be correctly connected, so that the power supply from the generator is able to reach the house. The electrician will make sure that the generator is able to detect a power outage and that the transition from grid to generator is seamless and automatic.  

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