Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Australis Electrical offer Switchboard & Safety Switch repairs throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne including homes in Doreen, Eltham, Diamond Creek, Montmorency, Mernda, Bundoora, South Morang, Whittlesea, Yarrambat & Greensborough.


Your switchboard is the ‘Master Control of your home’s internal and external electrical wiring. If your switchboard is over 10 years old you need to consider upgrading it for the below important reasons:


  • Short-circuits Hazards– older switchboards have a greater chance to short-circuit, dramatically increasing the risk of fuses catching fire, or risk of electric shock. If your switchboard has the old replaceable wire fuse holders or old brown circuit breakers you need to look at upgrading as soon as possible for the protection of your house and family.


  • Insufficient Incoming power supply–These days your average house hold needs a greater supply of power to accommodate the increasing needs of televisions, Air-conditioners, oven, cooktops etc that in majority of older houses is not provided, this can cause unwanted tripping of circuits and damage to switchboard controls, a problem that can be easily rectified with an upgraded supply.


Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers. Safety switches are not the same as circuit breakers or rewireable fuses.


Safety switches are designed to prevent injury or death to yourself and your love ones and are especially needed when children are involved and circuit breakers are there to protect the cable only.


As of January 2019, all circuits must be protected by individual safety switch protection. Safety switches if already installed should be checked and tested every three months.


Switchboard Repairs Doreen

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