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LED Lights Arthurs Creek

Australis Electrical offers to check your existing LED downlights today. Servicing all Northern Melbourne suburbs including; Arthurs Creek and surrounding areas.

LED lighting is a much more efficient and cost effective way of lighting your home and also a great way to modernise your existing ceiling.

Don’t be fooled by the Government LED light installation program that only allows for the globe to be replaced not the old transformer hidden in the ceiling space which is a major cause of electrical faults and house fires.

LED change over and installation is not only a great way to save $$$ on your power bills but with also greatly minimise your chance of an electrical fire. Old Halogen down lights reach temperatures of 370 degrees in your ceiling space igniting most materials close enough to them.

Don’t risk the chance of a fire and have us check your existing lights and replace your hazards today.

LED light changeover near Arthurs Creek

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